Moisture Mask

Available to licensed professionals only

3-minute beauty mask
Moisturizing mask that revitalizes and refreshes the skin in three minutes


Available to licensed professionals only


The DR. GRANDEL Moisture Mask is an extraordinary beauty mask. The moisture boost revitalizes the skin to a fresh, smooth and young look in just three minutes.

Algae Sea Water Complex, Caffeine
Caffeine ousts all fatigue signs in no time. Caffeine ensures a fresh and vitalized complexion. The immediately visible result: Well-cared skin and a wonderful fresh glow.
Algae-Seawater Complex provides for maximum moisture, restructures the natural moisture-sustaining factors and noticeably improves the skin’s moisture-retaining properties.

Tip: This mask is especially refreshing when kept in a refrigerator. Thus it gives the skin an additional freshness kick, particularly in the summer months. In this case the mask needs not be removed either.

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75ml, 125ml