GD11 Curestem C20 (10 VIALS)


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The GD11 Curestem Cell Healer C20 contains 200,000ppm of human cord blood cell conditioned media that helps improve skin sensitivity, elasticity, skin regeneration and even improves healthy scalp environment for hair. This serum works well with all skin types and promotes dramatic results.

2ml x 10 vials
Good for all skin types
200,000ppm human cord blood cell conditioned media

Q : Why is CURESTEM lyophilized (freeze-dried)?
A : Lyophilization retains active ingredients in its original state and optimizes the stability without adding preservatives to have superior efficacy when activated.

Q : What makes CURESTEM exosomes special?
A : CURESTEM has the ability to contain a high concentration of exosomes along with a variety of vital proteins crucial in cell regeneration because it is sourced from the youngest stem cell (human cord blood cell conditioned media). Tests have shown that CURESTEM has a 5 times higher regeneration efficacy rate when compared to other isolated exosomes from other sources such as adipocytes and marrow.

※ Reference
1) [SCI Journal] Conditioned media from human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells stimulate rejuvenation function in human skin. (Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports 16 (2018) 96-1
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Mix C 20 (5ml) with N/S (2ml) & apply on the affected area
For skin treatment: Apply onto the skin with MTS. After laser, apply onto the skin
For Scalp (Hair loss) treatment – Apply onto the scalp with MTS or injection
Use immediately after mixing with N/S because no preservatives are included