Forever 39 Ampoule

Available to licensed professionals only


Available to licensed professionals only

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For the customers of Forever 39, a youthful, firmed facial contour is essential. They attach extreme importance to lasting reinforcement and protection of the skin’s collagenous and elastine fibers.

DR. GRANDEL Forever 39
– reactivates and intensively stimulates collagen forming, elastine synthesis and hyaluron forming. This will reduce volume and area of wrinkles. The facial structure’s youthful V shape is maintained
– stimulates microcirculation and gives the skin a refreshing boost
– lends a soft shimmer to the skin, which reflects the light and optically reduces wrinkles

Package: Folding box / Ampoules

Macro-algae extract, Caffeine, Ruby powder

Tip: The highly concentrated active ingredients provide for a visible wow effect, which is why this ampoule is excellently suited as an effect ampoule for all occasions. When applied as a regimen, it prepares the skin for special events as well.

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