CIESKIN Derma G First Ampoule

150 ml bottle

Available to licensed professionals only

150 ml bottle

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For antibacterial/anti-inflammatory & skin balancing, Derma G First Ampoule

This prepping ampoule is the first step in the program and works in 2 ways:

  1. It disinfects by removing harmful bacteria and
    keeping it from entering the dermis during
  2. It introduces vital ingredients into the skin
    to pre-treat and wake up cells.

anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, UV protection,
regeneration, brightening, nourishing, antioxidant

Key Ingredients:
Resveratrol, Niacinamide, Edelweiss, Glutathione,
Arbutin, G9 growth factors



  • The first step of Skin balancing
  • ¬†antibacterial/anti-inflammatory (Acne/Trouble)
  • Used as an effect booster in aesthetic before laser treatment.
  • Skin problem solving and balance before treatment