Beauty Date Ampoule

Smooths and refines
For a pretty, rosy complexion

Available to licensed professionals only

Smooths and refines
For a pretty, rosy complexion

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You want a relaxed, smooth skin tone and impressive glow? This ampoule is the perfect solution. A refined skin tone sets off a fresh and beautifully rosy complexion to perfection.

Package: Folding box / Ampoules

Skin Relax Peptides, Matysoft, Alpine globe daisy extract

Skin Relax Peptides are valuable high-tech peptides (based on a patented composition) which promote muscle relaxation in two ways:Immediate effect: instantly smoothing out wrinkles Long-term effect: combats the excessive formation of expression lines.

Matysoft significantly refines pores and creates a balanced and even complexion.

Alpine globe daisy extract promotes a natural and even glow to the skin and has a soothing effect

Tip: This ampoule is so-called for a very special reason: it is not just suitable as a spa treatment. Thanks to its ability to conjure up the perfect complexion, it can also be used as an effect ampoule for special ‘beauty dates’.

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