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LX7max is the most effective and functional IPC system that goes together with various sleeves; legs, arm, waist, and center body. The LX7max are widely used in hospitals, spas, and for in-home therapy.


LX7max, airpress massager, is the most effective and functional IPC system that goes together with various sleeves; legs, arm, waist, and center body. The LX7max, airpress massager, helps smooth blood and lymphatic circulations and provides improvements in dynamic drainage and circulation, as well as soft massage. You can use different sleeves with one machine other than leg sleeves such as arm sleeve and waist sleeve.

Venous Flow Improvement

Expanding of each capillary vessel by the pump function of the compression movement helps the delivery of clear blood including the increased oxygen over whole human body and the removal of the bad deposits (Cholesterol, etc.).

Massage Effect

It massages fatigue and hard muscles, congestion parts or cellulite parts repeatedly with soft air pressure. It promotes the effects of exercise if it is used before and/or after exercise and it’s like soft warming up.

Stretching Effect

When cuffs pressurize legs, arms or waist, it makes the joints to be stretched naturally.

Deep Breathing Effect

It makes a user to breathe deeply unconsciously during using a device.

Air Compression Therapy System

– Pressotherapy system
– Simple and easy to operate
– 2 innovative functions are included; circulation and massage mode
– Dynamic drainage, circulation and soft pressure massage
– Adjustable pressure 20~200mmHg
– Adjustable operating time 0~30 min.
– Digital pressure intensity indicator
– Multiple sleeve options available


IPC Principle

Circulation / Drainage / Massage

  • Intermittent Pneumatic Compression System
  • All human bodies are managed by smooth circulation of blood and lymph.
  • LX7 Max system helps that various patients are recovered from their disease by promoting blood and lymph circulation and metabolism.
  • Lymph is the system that carries the waste materials away from the cells, while the blood brings in the nutrient to the cells.  Stagnation of lymph fluid makes the cells to be exposed to a more toxic condition. Our lymphatic drainage system dealt with the stagnant lymph effectively

Home Care

– Lymph edema
– Diseases by interruption in blood circulation
– Diabetic
– Varicose vein
– Limb convulsion
– Pain Relief
– Cold feet or hands
– Settlement of stress
– Before and After Exercise
– Insomnia
– Cellulite (Fat dissolution)
– Pregnant woman’s limb management
– For healthier body and elastic skin

Massage Modes

A mode and B mode have the same intended purposes and effect, but each mode can be selected properly depending on characteristics of each compression method as the followings.

“A” mode (Wave mode) for Massage
“A” mode is more effective for massaging with sequential pressure to mimic a hand massage.

“B” mode (Squeezing mode) for Circulation
“B mode is a method that sequentially pressurizes from the first chamber to the last chamber and then releases. This helps to circulate the stagnant blood and lymph from the end to the center of the body.


Adjustable Pressure: 20-200mmHg ± 20mmHg
Adjustable Operating Time: 0~30mins
Product Dimension: 4.7″(D) x 10″(W) x 7.9″(H)
Product Weight: 5 lb (2.3 kg)
Power: 110V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 40W
Included: 2 Leg Sleeves, 2 Foot Pads, 1 Double Hose, Device, Power Code, English User Manual

Available Sizes: Large, X-Large & XX-Large


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