Aqua Sure H2

Hydra Touch H2 uses highly-concentrated hydrogen water to release the active oxygen and proposes measures against skin aging.


A. Aqua Cleansing
– Hypoallergenic peeling function
– Cleansing & Exfoliation by vacuum

B. Double Lifting
– Improving skin elasticity of the cheeks, the chin, the neck, the neckline, etc., Improving skin complexion.
– Adjustable Treatment Level (Level 1 to Level 10)

C. Different types of solution
– S1: Hydrate and exfoliate with AHA
– S2: Oil control with BHA
– S3: Nourish and Moisturize
– Hydrogen Water

D. Handpiece & Tips
– Ergonomically designed handpiece
– Stable vacuum suction
– Easy and fast tip connection

E. LCD screen
– Solution emission in 3 different levels
– Level adjustable Vacuum
– 4 different solution selection
– Clog preventive system


Double Lifting

Stimulates muscle, contacts and relax repeatedly.
It also calms the nerves and boosts blood circulation.



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