EMI has been revolutionizing the skin care industry since 1989. We offer the widest range in top of the line cutting-edge cosmetic brands, combined with our Korean and European influenced skin care protocol training system.
EMI is “the one stop shop” for med spas, cosmetic surgery establishments and licensed skin care professionals looking for quality education and products that deliver lasting results.


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In efforts to help fight against the coronavirus with our community EMI will actively participate by abiding by the California statewide stay-at-home order effective starting Friday, March 20, 2020 11:59pm issued by Governor Gavin Newsom.
We will temporarily close our showroom doors but will remain available on stand-by for our customers to communicate and place orders live via telephone and email during normal business hours. We hope you understand if there are delays with your orders shipping.
We believe that we will all get through this together as long as we remain kind and helpful to one another. We encourage you to register to our newsletters on our website to get updates on the current situation and gain access to upcoming special discount promotions in hopes of providing some relief to your business during these turbulent times.

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코로나 바이러스 19와 관련된 새소식 공유합니다.
바이라스의 확산을 막고자하는 노력의 일환으로
캘리포니아 주정부의 결정에따라
저희 EMI도 3월 20일 2020부터 서비스 방식을
전화주문이나 문자로 해주시면
픽업을 하시거나 근거리에 한해 딜리버리도 가능하며
지역에 상관없이 쉽핑 서비스도 해 드리도록 하겠읍니다.
불가학력적인 사태로 인해 많은 걱정들과 불편함을 드리게되어 죄송합니다.
바라옵기는 서로 더 이해하고 협조하며 이 어려운 시기가 속히 지나가기를
간절히 바랍니다.
저희회사 이메일이나 문자공지를 통하여 추후에 시작될
스페셜 세일에 관한 정보도 다시 알려드리겠읍니다.

Korean / English Contacts
Cell – Lani Shin (213) 500-8004 email- lani@emicosmetic.com
Cell – Henna Lee (323) 919-6199 email- henna@emicosmetic.com
Main Office
(323) 730-0609